Signs Of The Times

Do we be really know what time it really is!
What time is it?

Signs of the times is a popular phrase these days. As we face more turmoil, negativity and the generally downturning of our society it can be reflected in our street art as well as our signs. “In recent times, the world has witnessed events that just a few years ago might have seemed unbelievable.

Living on the street.
Old las Vegas. Tents run for several blocks.

Flooding, record temperatures, and devastating fires have given evidence that our planet is fragile. Traditional moral values have been turned upside down, while defenders of biblical standards have been ridiculed. Social media has become an ocean of unbridled anger and malice. Cancel culture ruins lives, careers, and reputations.

Sex, sex and sex!

Politics has become openly hostile, seemingly devoid of the collegiality that once characterized political discourse.”, 8-14-2022

Seattle, Washington

As a christian, I see these things unfold and as I read the various bible prophecies, I know that Christ will be returning soon.

Seattle, Washington

We are in a cosmic conflict between Satan and our Creator which began in Heaven and is playing out on earth. As we draw nearer to the return of Christ the turmoil will increase as Satan ramps up his attacks. We don’t know his timeline of Christ’s return. But what we do is know that Christ is the victor which happened at the cross! If you are familiar with the prophecies in the Bible you will know what to expect.

Old Las Vegas

The expression “time of trouble” (Hebrew cet tsarah/tsar) appears eight times in the Old Testament. (Neh. 9:27; Job 38:23; Ps. 37:39; Isa. 33:2; Jer. 14:8; 15:11; 30:7; and Dan. 12:1) The New Testament equivalent “great tribulation” (thlipsis megalē) appears three times (2 Matt. 24:21; Rev. 2:22; 7:14.) In each text the “time of trouble/tribulation” refers to a time of distress, oppression, disaster, or war. 

On the move.

Considering the biblical prophetic outline, we believe that we are living in the time of the end just prior to the second coming of Jesus. Thus, the great time of trouble is not a time far off in the future, but a time we may all experience.


We Have This Hope

We are clearly living in the time of the end (Dan. 11:45). Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy provide us with a glimpse of the future. There will come persecution, a death decree, and the great time of trouble, during which God’s people have to live without an Intercessor in heaven. Nevertheless, they have nothing to fear, for God promised in Revelation 22:11 that He will take care of them. We can look with confidence into the future, knowing that Jesus will come to take us home to the mansions He has prepared for us (John 14:1-3),10-2-2022

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  1. Great insight Into the prophetic words of the Bible.

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