Cindy Archbell Mattson

My name is Cindy Archbell Mattson and I live in Johnstown, PA. I enjoy sharing my faith and my photography. We live in a beautiful world created straight from the hand of our Creator!

HIDDEN LIGHT Infrared Photography

Infrared light is light that our eyes can’t see. It lies beyond the visible light spectrum. We can take images of this IR light using filters or a camera converted for this purpose. Colors and textures take on unique properties when reflected with infrared light, also known as IR light. Images can be taken at different wave lengths which will give different results. These four images were taken at different wave lengths.


In the above image I used an IR Chrome filter. This filter recreates the look of Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film. The filter allows me to shoot color infrared photography without
swapping color channels during editing. Trees and foliage are red and everything else is normal color.
The image above was taken at Duke Gardens. It is called a false color image as I manipulated the colors in the original image to what I wanted. The original image had a bronze sky and everything else was turquoise. The filter is at 595 nm wavelength.

The above image was shot at 850 nm wavelength which blocks out all color.

The above image was shot in Joseph, Oregon. This the grave of Chief Joseph. I used a 720 nm filter which blocks out most of the color. The leaves are generally white.