Midnight At The Oasis

Photography offers me the opportunity to appreciate things that I wouldn’t necessarily expect to take an interest in if I wasn’t i interested in photography. Take cars for instance, not your everyday cars snd trucks but the old, classic ones. I was never interested in cars growing up but I did appreciate my dads fire red mustang he purchased!

My mom, my sister and myself around 1967.

My interest in old and restored cars has grown over the years.

I enjoy photographing old classic cars. I have been to several car shows and many of these shows occur during the 4th of July weekend which adds a bit of patriotism to the events. Classic cars are a symbol of freedom and an emblem of America’s pioneering spirit. Classic cars not only appeal to car lovers, but also to lovers of engineering, design, art and history. Why Do People Love Classic Cars? – Romeoville.org

Americans definitely have a love affair with their classic cars!

The shows that I find along main street America offer a more appealing setting to me then the shows that are located in fields. When I see a classic car in the parking lot or along the side of the road, I always stop and take some pics.

Many couples remember the cars they courted their spouses.
Pretty Pink Cadillac I saw this old car on the side of the toad. I found the owner and she said her husband courted her in it and she couldn’t part with it. She yd me to watch for snakes!
Ford Fairlaine 500 seeking new owner to recapture prior street life. Have experience
Red Hot Mama!

Muscle car owners also tend to be passionate about their cars and take great pride in them by adding their personal touches to reflect their personalties.

Love the flames!
Gangsta car!

Culpeper, VA is a small, patriotic town near Fredericksburg,VA that has a wonderful car show on the fourth of July.

Culpeper,VA. Davis Street, 4th of Juky.
Culpeper VA car show along Davis Street
Culpeper VA 4th of July car show.
Culpeper, VA
Culpeper, VA.

Midnight at the Oasis is an annual car show held in Yuma, Arizona in March over a three days. Midnight at the Oasis is the Southwest’s premier classic car festival with more than 900 gleaming cars, trucks, and motorcycles coming in from all over the desert southwest. The event features cars and music from the 1950s-60s. Concerts with popular tribute bands, food and retail vendors, a Show n’ Shine day of pre-1972 cars and trucks are the hallmarks of the large event. The festival begins with a free preview on Thursday night with the Rally on Main Street in downtown Yuma. (https://www.visityuma.com/events/annual-events-and-festivals/midnight-at-the-oasis/)

Pontiac GTO

Classic cars are appealing to a variety of different personality types. Fast cars, tough cars., elegant cars and bad to the bone cars. There is an old classic car for everyone! What classic car describes you?

Ford Mustang

Hood ornaments and car emblems are very distinctive. These are fun to photograph!

Futuramic by Oldsmobile

I love the bright colors and the classic lines of the cars.

56 Chevy Belair
De Soto

I also enjoy the personalization used to make the card unique!

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