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La Jolla, CA.

La Jolla is a hilly, seaside area within San Diego, occupying 7 miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches and is located 12 miles north of downtown San Diego. The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F. (Wikipedia)

This could have been taken in the 40s or fifties!

The area is really beautiful and well manicured. Even with all its opulence it doesn’t compare to the gifts of nature that the Master Creator has given to us. I experience a sense of wonder every time I am in the midst of His creation. I am just mesmerized…

La Jolla condos.

La Jolla is known for its colony of harbor seals and Sea lions and that is why we visited the area. The weather was perfect and we were blessed with a gentle breeze along with some fog. A lot if people were enjoying the weather as well as the seals and sea lions.

Tows of rocks and seals.

La Jolla is the home for a colony of Harbor Seals and California sea lions. Sea lions have small flaps for outer ears. The “earless” or “true” seals lack external ears altogether. You have to get very close to see the tiny holes on the sides of a seal’s sleek head.

Harbor seals have short, dog-like snouts. The color of each seal’s fur varies but there are two basic patterns: light tan, silver, or blue-gray with dark speckling or spots, and a dark background with light rings.

Beautiful but stinky and loud!
What’s the joke?

Sea lions chose to stay in La Jolla because they prefer rocky ledges and sandy beaches. La Jolla also has easy access to food, with its deep canyon just offshore giving nursing moms a food source nearby.

Love bite!

While both species spend time both in and out of the water, seals are better adapted to live in the water than on land. Though their bodies can appear chubby, seals are generally smaller and more aquadynamic than sea lions.

Party time!
Who are you?

I love the color of these animals. Different shades of brown and tan.


Sea lions are noisy. Seals are quieter, vocalizing via soft grunts.

La Jolla, CA.
La Jolla, CA bluffs
La Jolla, CA

Reference: facts about seals snd sea lions: Info on La Jolla from Wikipedia

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