Why our Creator created the grass green

Blue Ridge Parkway

Matthew 6:28-30

Notwithstanding the curse was pronounced upon the Earth that it should bring forth thorns and thistles, there is a flower upon the thistle. The world is not all sorrow and misery. God‘s great book of nature is open for us to study, and from it, we are to gain more exalted ideas of His greatness and unexcelled love and glory. He who laid the foundation of the earth, who garnished the heavens and the stars in their order, He who has clothed the Earth with a living carpet, and beautified it with lovely flowers of every shade and variety, would have His children appreciate His works, and the light in the simple, quiet beauty, which He has adorned their earthly home.

Quite, peaceful and serene…

Christ sought to draw the attention of His disciples away from the artificial to the natural : “if God, so, clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall He not much more clothe you, O ye O little faith?” Why did not our heavenly Father carpet the earth with brown or gray? He chose a color that was most restful, the most acceptable to the senses. How it cheers the heart and refreshes the weary spirit to look upon the Earth, clad in the garments of living green! Without this covering the air would be filled with dust, and the Earth would appear like a desert. Every spire of grass, every opening, bud and blooming flower, is a token of God‘s love, and should teach us a lesson of faith and trust in him. Christ calls our attention to their natural loveliness, and assures us that the most gorgeous array of the greatest king that ever wielded an earthly scepter, was not equal to that worn by the humblest flower. You who are sighing for the artificial splendor which wealth alone can purchase, for costly paintings, furniture, and dress, listen to the voice of the divine teacher. He points you to the flower of the field, the simple design of which cannot be equaled by human skill. (Review and Herald, October 27, 1885, White)

Spring daffodils, Gibbs Garden , Ga
Reaching to the heavens!

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