Sand Fences

Sand fence catching elements from the ocean.
Trapping our Creator’s treasures.
Shadows on Portsmouth Island.

Sand fences are a common appearance on the beach. They are man’s attempt to control the movement of sand, to protect the environment. They are a protection from our Creator’s powerful winds.  But can they really take the power out of our Creator’s hand?

Rows and rows.

Sand fences become weathered in time illustrating the effects of the Lord’s laws of nature which are never ceasing.

Showing how sand fences block God's creation.
Rusted wire and fence slat.
Bits and pieces.

Sand fences are wonderful to photograph.  The fences simple construction of  cedar strips and wire lends themselves to be shaped by the blowing wind and shifting sands. The weathered patina of the wood makes for interesting textures.  The muted colors of the fence in different tones and shades along with the rusting wires which hold the cedar strips in place add an interesting dimension which attracts photographers. Add the back drop of the blue green ocean along with the cloud filled sky and the color and texture of the sand against the fence; makes for a win, win scene for photographers.


No two sand fences are alike! 

Grey weathered sand fence on top of a sand dune.
Rolling sand fence. Jockey’s ridge

Another interesting photography plus is the repetition of the wooden slats. Repetition is one of the basic rules of photography. Repetition allows the viewer to wander through an image. It’s like a road. When you see a sand fence that is straight; it is usually new, as time goes on and exposure to the elements tends to change and contort their position in the sand. This leads to another popular photography technique, the “S” curve. Our eyes naturally follow “S” curves, another visual clue allowing the viewer to wander through the image.

“S” curve weathered sand fence.
On the way down!
Last fence standing.

Stonewalls and hedges as well as fences are seen in the Bible. 

There are 38 Verses about Fences and enclosures from 14 Books in the Bible.

I went on the search for other contexts for fences and I found a few!

Fence the Soul—It is necessary to guard our thoughts; to fence the soul about with the injunctions of God’s Word; and to be very careful in every thought, word, and action not to be betrayed into sin.—The Review and Herald, May 17, 1887. Evangelism.

How careful is the Lord Jesus to give no occasion for a soul to despair. How He fences about the soul from Satan’s fierce attacks. If through manifold temptations we are surprised or deceived into sin, He does not turn from us and leave us to perish.  5SDA Bible Commentary 7:948.

A few posts and wire remain from a sand fence almost completely covered by the sand.
Almost gone! Jockey’s Ridge
Portsmouth Island storm.

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