Fall Leaves

God desires for His children to find delight in the works of His hands. (Ministry Of Healing. Chapter, 19) Isn’t this especially true of fall? I consider fall the pinnacle of God’s creative works in nature. Think about it… when the crisp, fall air arrives and the sun is not as strong in the sky, the leaves on the trees begin to slowly turn from green, then to yellow then to orange or red. Then, as the wind picks up or when the rain arrives, the leaves begin to fall, leaving mounds of golden and brown, dry leaves for me to walk through or to photograph. I love the sound of crunching leaves under my feet.

Fallen leaves lie on the ground after falling from their trees.
Fallen leaves

“The things of nature are the Lord’s silent ministers, given to us to teach us spiritual truths. They speak to us of the love of God and declare the wisdom. of the great Master Artist.” Ellen G. White

A cottonwood tree with a canopy of yellow dance in a field of golden grass in Moab, Utah
Cottonwood tree showing yellow leaves in a field around Moab, Utah.
The last leaf prior to losing its final color and becomes like the other many brown leaves.
The last leaf
Turning leaves in Jackson Hole, Wyoming showcasing the Grand Tetons in the background .
Fall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As beautiful as fall is, it represents death. Fall wouldn’t exist today if sin hadn’t come into the world because all life was everlasting. Can you imagine how Adam felt when he saw leaves falling from the trees the first time?

“As they witnessed the drooping flower and falling leaf the first signs of decay, Adam and his companion mourned more deeply than men now mourn over their dead. The death of the frail, delicate flowers was indeed a cause of sorrow; but when the goodly trees cast off their leaves, the scene brought vividly to mind the stern fact that death is the portion of every living thing.” Ellen G. White, Patriarchs and Prophets

But the cycle of life is renewed each spring, the trees grow new leaves and the cycle continues into the summer. Then fall arrives again and the leaves begin to change and then they die and fall to the ground.

Burning red bush set against the golden yellow leaves against a fall sky in Acadia National Park.
Our Creators glorious colors.
Yellow and red leaves against a background of green in Acadia National park on a foggy morning.
Foggy Maine fall day
Orange and yellow leaves around a serene lake in Maine usher in the fall.
Fall around the Lake.
Orange and yellow leaves surrounding a white bolder in Maine.
Fall pallet of colors

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