Glorious Sunflowers

A symphony of sunflowers!

Sunflowers are happy flowers! They are silly, fun, delightful, strong, joyful, beautiful and cheerful. I search for sunflower fields! I have found large fields that have been planted along highways to little fields that have been planted along country roads.

I see small children running through the fields, mothers taking their young families to experience their first sunflowers. Couples taking their engagement pictures. I witness birds flying from flower to flower while photographers try to capture that perfect image. I see sunflowers lifting their heads to sky to follow the sun and to honor our Creator. I see sunflower heads drooping when the sky is cloudy.

Sunflower fields are like gems planted along my walk with Christ to remind me to always look up!


“Ye are,” says Christ, “the light of the world.” As the sun goes forth upon its errand of mercy and love, as the golden beams of day flood the canopy of heaven and beautify forest and mountain, awakening the world by dispelling the darkness of night, so the followers of Christ should go forth upon their mission of love. Gathering divine rays of light from the great Light of the world, they should let them shine forth in good works upon those who are in the darkness of error. ST October 6, 1887, par. 1, EGW

Peddles of gold.

As the flower turns to the sun, that the bright beams may aid in perfecting its beauty and symmetry, so should we turn to the Sun of Righteousness, that Heaven’s light may shine upon us, that our character may be developed in to the likeness of Christ. God’s Amazing Grace, page 300, EGW

Big yawn!
Pardon me!
Shining forth!

See more of my photography here. All proceeds are donated to ADRA-Ukraine The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International is a humanitarian agency operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief. It was founded in 1956,

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