Our Love For Those Classic Cars!

How I enjoy finding those old and classic cars! It’s finding gold. I wonder about their history. Americans are obsessed with old cars. They can be found in backyards or along the side of the road.

Lookin for fun!

I imagine the owners of these cars had rolled up t-shirts with a pac of cigarettes tucked in their sleeve.

Some cars become canvases for artists!

Don’t bury your head!

Old Car City which is located in White Georgia is a junk yard of old cars and automobile memorabilia. It used to be a junk yard but now is strictly a place to see old cars!


Every once in awhile you can find a gem amongst newer car models!


I saw the caddy shown below parked across the street from an old home. I asked the owner if I could photograph her car. She said certainly! She told me the story about how her hubby had courted her in that car! She told to me to watch out for the snakes before I walked across the street.

Parked across the street.

Where have you found old cars and have you ever stopped to take pictures? You can leave your comments below..

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