Red Hot Mama!

Raring to go!

Red Hot Mama, in my opinion, is my most artistic piece of work to date. It took many hours over several weeks to settle on the finished piece.

I found this car sitting on the side of the road for sale. The Ford Fairlaine 500 had been refurbished. This is a faux colored, infrared image. Below you will find the original image which came straight from my camera.

Straight out of the camera

The process to arrive at the above image involved color swapping the red and blue color channels in photoshop and then manipulating the color hues to achieve the coloring I wanted. Usual photo editing techniques followed along with a texture and a vignette. In reality the car color was turquoise.

Part of my uniqueness is my creativity that my Devine Living Creator gave to me! How wonderful is our God that has provided each and everyone of us our own unique signature. One of the many gifts that He has provided to you and me!

But while we are to humble ourselves, we are to have a true sense of our value as God has estimated us, in the price paid for our redemption. We are to value every capability, every talent entrusted to us, as the Lord’s most precious endowment, that we may use them to His name’s glory. When we look upon ourselves as purchased at an infinite cost in order that we might have every advantage in the strife for immortality, eternal life, we will make every gift a treasure of influence, whereby we may reach perfection, completeness in Jesus Christ. Then let the prayer of Daniel be our prayer, that the Holy Spirit may work in our behalf.—Letter 59, 1896, p. 8. (To Dr. J. H. Kellogg, November 22, 1896.) EGW, MR No. 354—Individuality and Creativity

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