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Commercial fishing is an old time industry. Trawlers are the vessels that use suspended trawler nets to trail under the surface of the water at various depths to haul and trap fish. The above image was taken in Bayou La Batre which is in Mobile County, Alabama. Part of Forrest Gump was filmed here. I spent an afternoon in this quaint city photographing the fishing boats. This is a infrared image shot at 830 nm on a Fuji camera.

One of my photography passions is commercial fishing. I fell in love with photography hanging around the fish houses and docks and boats watching the fishermen work. The more you study the more interesting images you will find.

Gloves every which way but loose

You always need fishing gloves! Image taken in eastern North Carolina. I found these gloves stuck in a box every which way with the fingers hanging out. My first thought was how do they seem to last so long as they appeared heavily used. Notice the old windows that add to the over all feel of the image.

Different shades of ropes

You can’t have enough ropes. The line of ropes hanging under the window and next to the door formed a nice image, not to mention the various shades of white to tan which added some color.

Hidden away

This is an infrared image shot at 590 nm. it’s been faux colored through the editing process. Even though the boat is not a trawler and not “old school” it fits in with the culture and environment. Image shot in Wanchese, North Carolina.


Image taken in eastern North Carolina. Buoys come in all shapes and colors. I walked along rows and rows of buoys. Many times you can find treasures left inside of the buoys.

Various shades of orange and pink floats

I am always in search of new fishing scenes. I can only imagine what I would fine along the road to Alaska!

Net, rope and chain

A nice geometric display of texture. Image taken in Acadia, Maine.

Hanging around finishing boats and docks you can see lots of wildlife but that is for another blog.

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