Do you have insurmountable challenges in life?

I have always loved rocks! Mostly the small ones but as I started to travel, I came to appreciate the enormity of large rocks. Then I started to climb big rocks in order to find the best position to capture a shot. You can feel the strength of the rock under your feet. Walking cautiously so as to keep my footing and not to slip forces you to watch each step. This reminds me how fragile I am and that I need to rely on my Creator for my strength. 1 Cor. 10:4

Throughout scripture, rocks are commonly referred to as a symbol of God’s reliability and strength. The Bible advises that we build our houses and lives upon the stable rock that is God’s love, wisdom and our salvation. Rocks are interlaced with the idea of refuge, a place to escape the tumultuous hardships of the earth. (Bible Study Tools, 2022)

The rocks are among the precious things of earth, containing treasures of wisdom and knowledge. In the rocks and mountains are registered the fact that God did destroy the wicked from off the earth by a flood, and the broken surface of the earth reveals, in the gigantic rocks and towering mountains, that the Lord’s power has done this because of the wickedness of men in the transgression of His law. The ever-varying scenery that meets the eye is the work of the God of wisdom, that in His stupendous works men may discern that there is a living God whose power is unlimited. The marvelous works of majesty are to refine the soul and to soften the roughness of man’s nature, to help him in character building.—Ms 73, 1986, EGW

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