After The Flood

Valley of Fire State Park

The earth presented an appearance of confusion and desolation impossible to describe (after the flood). The mountains, once so beautiful in their perfect symmetry, had become broken and irregular. Stones, ledges, and ragged rocks were now scattered upon the surface of the earth. Patriarchs and Profits, EGW, 108.1 . The beautiful trees and shrubbery bearing flowers were destroyed, yet Noah preserved seed and took it with him in the ark, and God by His miraculous power preserved a few of the different kinds of trees and shrubs alive for future generations. Soon after the flood trees and plants seemed to spring out of the very rocks. In God’s providence seeds were scattered and driven into the crevices of the rocks and there securely hid for the future use of man. EGWSRGES 47.1

About 45 miles outside of Las Vegas you will find the Valley of Fire State Park. The park is known for its bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone. The park is beautiful! The blended, muted colors and the silver green flora showcase our Creators handiwork. Sunsets bathe the rock formations with light that intensifies the color of the sandstone and creates interesting shadows.

This image was taken while I was driving the scenic loop. The flora is what captured my attention, so I stopped my car and wandered around the area to find how I wanted to capture the scene. I found it intriguing that there was life; flourishing amongst the rocks in the harsh and inhospitable environment. As my faith has grown, I have come to realize that everything in nature works together because it is interconnected by our Creators design. The infinite Father ministers to the life of every living thing. … Education, EGW, 103.

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