Tree of life

Trees are great photography subjects. You can photograph them through all four seasons, and they will share with you a different story each season. Trees are majestic and diverse. They can be graceful, bold, gnarly, weathered or ancient! Trees persevere during strong winds and survive through brutal snowstorms.  Trees can survive diseases! This cottonwood appears to be doing a “happy dance”. I shot this image outside of Moab, Utah while I was driving around looking for interesting subjects to photograph. I found this tree standing alone near a grove of other cottonwoods. 

Our Heavenly Artist created trees to provide life and nurturance for other creatures including us!  Tree canopies provide shelter for birds, squirrels and other animals as well as shade. The fruit from trees provide substance for many living creatures.  Our Heavenly Father teaches us life lessons through His trees.  We can survive through adversity as trees can, we are called to help others. You might ask how can a tree help other trees? Did you know that the root systems of trees are intertwined with those of other trees? When one tree is distressed, other trees will provide nutrients to that tree.  Trees are the handiwork of the Master Artist. (The Adventist Home, EGW, page 132..1.)

There are over 56 verses concerning trees in the Bible. Trees are an important symbol in the Bible.  In my opinion Christ as the Tree of Life is the most important—Christ is the source of our life, the source of immortality. He is the tree of life, and to all who come to Him He gives spiritual life. EGW  (The Review and Herald, January 26, 1897). 

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  1. Not over yet , eat of tree of life …. Forever … Rev 22

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