Lean on me

The above photograph “Lean on me” was taken in my garden. I noticed how the vine was resting on the leaf. It reminded me how we are supposed to rest in Jesus always. The Holy Spirit has always been with me since I was a child. He has shown Himself to me in gentle ways as a child so I would understand and remember. I still remember my dad taking me to Sunday School in Texas when I was three or four years old. I still have the art project we worked on somewhere in my memory box. I remember going to a Christmas bazaar in the basement of a church down the hill from my home in Roanoke, VA when I was in kindergarten or attending functions at the Presbyterian church with my cousins in Roanoke. All these adventures were an introduction to me of a higher being and his Church. When I lived in Ft. Meade, Maryland my sister and I attended Sunday school in the basement of the church on base. All age groups were in the same room but divided into groups by age. I remember sitting and listening to all the stories that we were told. We were given assignments such as learning the 10 commandments. I remember trying to learn them but had difficulty remembering them. We were given small cards or trinkets as a reward for completing our assignment. I remember a card with Jesue Christ on it and card with a Shepard and his flock of sheep. It was here that I received the call to give my life to Christ. I wanted to have him in heart and be with him always and go to Heaven when I died. As I grew older, the Lord was working in me and through other people to nurture me. He used my mother to get me involved in the youth group at the Community church in Bowie, Md. when I was in the ninth grade. She dropped me off at a strange house where the meeting was being held and said, “I will pick you up in an hour” and drove off. That began my social life that protected me through my high school years. The Lord also protected me from the many things that I was 100% sure that I needed or wanted to be involved in. During my junior high and high school years, I always tried out for the cheerleading squad. I usually made it to the finals but never the squad. In hindsight, that was the Lord telling me, “Nope that nots happening! Would not be good for you!” As I have gotten older and my needs changed, the Lord had to up his protection. He always spoke to me but many times I did not listen. He opened up doors to protect my family. He led me to Culpeper. VA where I worked in a Rehab facility helping His children. He taught me the importance of giving to others. I try to listen to Him every day so that He can lead me and mold me into his character.

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