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I love Jesus Christ and I try to show His world through my photography. I became interested in photography as a youngster. I remember taking my mom’s brownie on field trips when I was in the 5th grade. I received my first camera for Christmas, a polaroid! I love nature photography, landscapes, wildlife. I love color! I also shoot infrared with a Canon RP using various external filters on a full spectrum converted camera. Photography also feeds my soul and gives me inner peace. I live in Pennsylvania, have a wonderful husband, two sons and three grandsons.

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Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas! Bright lights, colorful people, neon signs, sensory overload, opulence galore and lots of gambling is what greets you when driving down Las Vegas Blvd. We recently spent four days in Las Vegas. We stayed in a resort overlooking the airport. Planes came in one after the other every five minutes or so. We…

Wabi Sabi

Several blog posts ago I shared my interest in the old classic muscle cars. But did you know I also like to photograph old, abandoned and rusty junk yard cars? Finding rusty, broken down cars and trucks are a treat. They crop up in the oddest places! Many photographers love to photograph these gems. Why…

Signs Of The Times

Signs of the times is a popular phrase these days. As we face more turmoil, negativity and the generally downturning of our society it can be reflected in our street art as well as our signs. “In recent times, the world has witnessed events that just a few years ago might have seemed unbelievable. Flooding,…


Located under Pikes Pike Public Market on Post Alley, in Downtown Seattle, Washington you will find a walkway full of bubblegum! Parts of the gum coating alongside the walls are several inches thick, and the coating is 15 feet high and about a 50 feet long. The Market Theater Gum Wall has become a tourist…


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